Format: 2D
Season: 1, 2
Episodes: 1 to 26
Length: 52 x 11 mins

Pearlie is the glamorous, pint-sized fairy in charge of looking after Jubilee Park. It’s a big job for someone less than 2 inches high (that’s 2 1/4 in heels). With energy to burn and a wingful of ‘to-do-lists’, Pearlie organises not only the park, but all those around her… whether they need it or not. There’s Jasper, Pearlie’s Official Caretaker’s Assistant. If Pearlie’s big problem is that she works too hard, Jasper’s problem is that he spends his time thinking up ways to not work at all! Lucky there is also Pearlie’s great friend, the tough little desert fairy, Opal who also lives in the park on a student visa. In this park no matter how crazy things get she brings sense and sensibility to any problem. Just as well because there are plenty of problems!